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Team Shimona


9 thoughts on “Our Member Site

  1. Hi Shimona

    Loved your presentation on the qualities of a healthy person. I have a question though. You said Imagination is useful either to heal or can be detrimental if it works from our defensive side making us avoid being present to anything in our external world. But you also said that everything comes from GD and that my plan B could be the real plan A gd intended for me . So my question is to what point can my imagination help me attain a real change if GD has a different plan for me?

  2. Hello Shimona
    Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the mastermind in march because we have a family wedding.Hopefully I will attend the one in october.
    Your meditation was very helpful !! I felt much more relaxed and focused by softening the tongue and the eyes. I am enjoying every minute of this wonderfiul program. Thankyou for guiding us in becoming better!!!

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