It’s time to unleash your true self so you can finally live the joyful, prosperous, fulfilling life you were meant to live

Read on to discover the breakthrough secrets of the Method for Self Mastery

Dear Friend,

Chances are you’ve been frustrated with your life’s direction.  You probably don’t think about it too often because you’re too busy with other things…

…and since you try to stay positive and don’t like to complain, you muddle through, staying the course, pleasing others in your life while your own needs take a back seat.

But in those quiet moments it creeps up on you.  The “what if’s,” the “is this all there is” and the “if only” thoughts that make you a bit restless, wondering what might happen if you really did pursue your deepest desires.

Think about that for a moment.

The fact is, you don’t have to live another second in the status quo.  Starting today you can make a deeper, richer connection to your true essence, the person you really are, and go after a more powerful, rewarding life. 

That’s where The Method for Self Mastery comes in…

The Method for Self Mastery is rooted in ancient mystical teachings, but it’s amazing just how its strategies and methods can be so relevant to your life today. 

You’ll experience inside-out solutions coupled with a fresh and practical approach to Self-Mastery and personal transformation.

Here’s a quick look at the course outline.  Each quarter explores a different core arena of life.  A sampling includes:

Quarter 1:  Soul Map (Deep Dive In)

  • Discover the map of your soul
  • Uncover your dual identity
  • Understand how your mind and heart interact
  • Study the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as it applies to your body, your soul, your life.
  • Map your course to Self-Mastery

Quarter 2: Soul Quest (Deep Dive In)

  • Meet your Split-Second-Self
  • Find your Furthest Fears
  • Discover your Deepest Desires
  • Explore your Seven Sefirotic Hats
  • Identify your various selves and how to work with each

Quarter 3: Relationships Matter (Deep Dive Out)

  • Celebrate You
  • Learn to forgive your Folks
  • Begin to Parent from the Inside-Out
  • Uncover deeper connection with others
  • Experience more peace and joy in all your relationships whether in life or at work

Quarter 4: Life Works (Deep Dive Out)

  • Embrace Radical Forgiveness
  • Find a new relationship with food
  • Stimulate your Creativity
  • Generate Joy
  • Join me to plot the path to your Highest Life

As you can see, we cover a lot of ground here.  After all, it took you years to develop into who you are today, so it’s going to take some time to make those shifts that are necessary for your transformation to take place.

When you have achieved Self Mastery some amazing things start to happen…

  • You gain more confidence
  • Your self esteem dramatically increases
  • You start to realize that anything in your life is possible

This creates some startling momentum that just builds upon itself.  Circumstances and events start to turn in your favor on a regular basis.  You’ll notice people coming into your life who can make big differences for you.  You’ll start to sense that your life really has made a big shift.

It’s an exciting feeling!   

This is what you’ll receive in this incredible program:

  • 42 LIVE weekly calls with Shimona
  • Accompanying PDF’s and Power Points where relevant
  • A bi-weekly meditation emailed in audio or video format
  • 2 in person 2-day masterminds
  • Access to a Google group of all trainees for ongoing support and JV opportunities
  • Plus all my usual free programming to complement what the course covers

The Kabbalah Method will change your life for good!  Here’s proof:

Just look at these testimonials collected by a researcher at Emory University from folks who participated in the program:

"Shimona is one of the most amazing teachers I've ever encountered.  It's unbelievable how she never misses the mark.  It's incredible."

"I have used the sefirotic hats method many times with my teenage son.  You couldn't do better sitting in a session with a therapist to have a tool like that to use with your kid."

"I am less judgmental and more respectful of others as a result of the program….Learning that everyone has an essential self…There is something essentially valuable about everybody and it's intriguing and challenging to approach people that way to see if you can get to that significant part of another person."

"The program gives more depth to everyday life.  You realize that people and your interactions with them are significant.  It revealed the depth of the everyday and that trying to get to that level is worth doing."

And here's what someone wrote to me recently:

"I want you to know how truly, deeply, amazingly transformative our work was for me. Every day I am reaping the benefits.  My life is so rich and everything I do is purposeful and meaningful and fulfilling. I no longer feel conflicted about anything really. I feel a deep peace and confidence in the future. I am clear and I no longer feel the need for belonging or outward approval. You unleashed my potential completely and I am, as you promised, living the life I always imagined." (L.W., Fla)

I know this can work for you, but you have to take the next step.  You can either stay in your comfort zone and keep hoping things will get better, or you can take action right now and assure yourself of a different, more positive and fulfilling future.

Make the right decision that can impact your life, your soul, your true purpose for years to come.  You deserve this.

Our upcoming enrollment is January 28 2013. But there's still time to enroll. You'll have access to all archives for the entire duration of the course. ONLY first year participants will have access to Shimona live. After that, everyone will be receiving pre-recorded lessons. So don't delay. Take advantage of this unique offer NOW! 

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