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Welcome to the original member site for The Method.  This site is for previous members only. To find out more about The Method, click here.

  • Live each day, each challenge and each opportunity in a more genuine, impactful and joyous way
  • Discover a practical approach to personal transformation rooted in authentic Kabbalah
  • Join hundreds of others worldwide whose lives have been changed by The Method
  • You can sign up for our free Meet the Method mini-course here


As a member, here’s the portal to your lessons, the meditations, PDF’s and other audio and video material.

Log in by clicking any of the icons above.  Once connected, hover your cursor above the link that says, “The Method Archives” and simply select the page you want to visit.

If you’re a paid member and have any difficulty accessing the classes page, please contact us.

Team Shimona


9 thoughts on “Our Member Site

  1. I really like the new format. I can access it on my ipad easily and I can easily fast forward and go backward. That will be very helpful for reviewing it. I won’t be able to attend the Wednesday class because it is a busy work day for me. I am curious as to who else is in the class. Where is everyone from and what is your background? What brings you to this class? Is there a place where we can”talk” to each other?

    I am looking forward to the weekly meditation and the next class.

    Also, Shimona, I appreciate your sincere and quick responses too my questions and concerns. Even though we are on opposite coasts, I can feel the warmth.


    • Gaining access is, as mentioned, a TWO step process. We need to approve you first. Once the system manager does that you’ll be able to connect via the email address you used to sign up with. Looks like you were already approved so go ahead and connect using your email account. If that doesn’t work, refresh the page. Enjoy!

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